Welcome to BiciVeneto Journal.

Back in 2000 I was inspired to create BiciVeneto, a synthesis of over 40 years of knowledge and experience living and cycling in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. The site has continued to grow as new ideas come to mind, and I believe I’ve succeeded in my original concept of recreating my Italian cycling life on the web, with the objective of sharing it with others as entertainment, as a stimulus to visit this enchanting region, and of course, as a resource for those who come. You’d think that, given the size and scope of BiciVeneto and the amount of work that has gone into it, I’d be satisfied. But no! I’m still overflowing with things I need to “put to paper”: experiences, anecdotes, tidbits, news items, observations, reflections, curiosities, photos, and more. I say need, because yes, this journal is as much the result of compulsive self-expression as it is a desire to share knowledge and information. My hope is that readers will gain further insight into the culture, traditions, character, and landscapes of this magical and lesser-known corner of Italy.

5 Responses to About

  1. Rob Robertson says:

    Ave April,

    Good to see you back! I’ve been missing BiciVeneto this last little while. (Mind you, I haven’t checked in for a few months, thinking you must have gone into a dormant phase). I got to Italy back in 2007, and had ten memorable days in Vicenza. I even borrowed a Colnago and rode around a bit. Your writing helps me continue that adventure vicariously. It is a pleasure to read your missives again. Keep them coming!

    Rob in Australia.

  2. doug ritter says:

    April — Hope your summer was fun. I was there for my 2 weeks in May and enjoyed 9 days of riding. Perhaps we will meet up some day on the road. Till then, thanks for all your writing.

  3. Andy says:

    April, I remember like it was yesterday. we met in Charles De Gaulle waiting in line, during a air traffic control stike in Marco de Pollo. I was going to the World Cup in Basano de Grappa. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. Dave Fonda says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and observations, April. My aunt cycled through the Veneto in 1951 and I’ve been enjoying her memoirs of that. Your writing styles are quite similar and honest.

  5. Bruno Codemo says:

    Many thanks for the quality and content of your website. I was born in Cavaso del Tomba but we moved to Australia as very young child . I have relatives in Cavaso,Possagno,Castelcucco and Crespano and have been a regular visitor to those towns – Covid has restricted my travel plans for the last 2 and possibly next year but hopefully travelling may soon to get back to something resembling normality.Combined with this ,I have a strong interest in cycling- albeit not at your ability or level of interest.
    I am a regular “visitor” to your site and greatly enjoy your pictures and videos of the Veneto region,,in particular of the “Comunita Montana Del Grappa ” area in addition to your cycling news .
    Thanks again

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