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On the west side of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, on a sheer precipice high above the Astico River, stands a forbidding rock formation known as the Altar Knotto. Its vertiginous position and singular appearance have spawned eerie legends of … Continue reading

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Pistoni e Pedali nel Valbrenta

PISTONS AND PEDALS IN THE VALBRENTA…The lure of steam trains is irresistible: the mighty black engine, exuding energy, pent-up power and a hint of mystery…the hiss of steam, the haunting whistle, the plume of black smoke and chuff chuff of … Continue reading

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La Vie en Rose

LIFE IN PINK..   March is drawing to a close, May no longer seems so far away, and signs of the Giro d’Italia’s arrival are appearing in the three Veneto stage cites: Bassano del Grappa, Belluno, and Vittorio Veneto. In Bassano, start of the … Continue reading

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October 9, 1963, 22:39  – October 9, 2013 In memory of the 2000 inhabitants of Longarone and nearby towns who lost their lives in the Vajont disaster.                   Along the roadside above the dam … Continue reading

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In Search of Bottecchia

Ottavio Bottecchia was the first Italian winner of the Tour de France, and a cycling legend. His death, which resulted from injuries suffered in a training crash, has always been surrounded by mystery and speculation, and is still the subject … Continue reading

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A Meeting on Monte Grappa

The request was a valid one and fulfilling it would be fun, as it called for one of my favorite sedentary activities: creating Google maps. It came from a fellow VeloNews Forum* member with the screen name merlinak.  Now, I’m not into … Continue reading

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Lost On Monte Grappa

The headline was  incredible and shocking: “Seven lost and one dead in the Valley of San Liberale.” How could such a thing have happened? Yes, it’s true that in recent years, many lives have been lost on Monte Grappa: those of … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience

This morning I lead six cyclists on an easy ride up our beloved Brenta bike path. We stopped for coffee at the delightful BiciGrill, which everyone loved. When it was time to resume the ride, four of the riders informed … Continue reading

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The Vacamora

THE BLACK COW was the nickname of the steam train that ran along the Astico Valley and up the west side of the Asiago Plateau. Though the tracks were pulled up long ago, the Vaca Mora’s legacy lives on the … Continue reading

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Vacamora Album

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